How to Build Your Watched History

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Trakt helps keep a complete history of every TV show and movie you’ve ever watched. Learn how to quickly and accurately fill in your watched history.

Automatically scrobble & sync with your media center.

The easiest way to fill up you watched history is by automatically scrobbling & syncing with your media center. Trakt supports Kodi, Plex, Netflix, MediaPortal, Emby, Infuse, and more. Your profile updates in real time as you watch something and automatically adds to your watched history when you’re done watching.

Your dashboard when watching something in your media center.

Most media center plugins also analyze what you’ve previously watched, then sync everything to and from Trakt. It will even sync multiple plays and preserve the exact date and time for each play. Very handy if you’ve been using a media center to watch everything, even before you started using Trakt. Check out the apps page for more info.

Check in for live TV or when at the movie theater.

Another way to indicate you’re watching something right now is to check in via the website or a mobile appThink of check-ins as a manual scrobble, it still updates your profile in real time and automatically adds to your watched history when you’re done watching. This definitely comes in handy when watching live TV or a movie at the theater.

When using the Trakt website, click the red check in button from any movie or episode page. Type in a message (optional) and choose which of your social networks you’d like to share on. Read more about social sharing.

Hello friend.

Look for the purple check marks.

Add shows, seasons, episodes, and movies to your watched history by clicking a purple check mark. You’ll see these buttons on every summary page and in most grid views throughout the Trakt website.

When did you watch this?

Once you click a check mark, the item will be added to your watched history with the current date and time. If you want to be more specific, click and hold the icon and you’ll be asked When did you watch this? Choose right now to use the current date and time. Choose on release date to use the original date and time the episode first aired or the movie initially premiered. This is especially useful when backfilling old TV shows and movies you’ve previously watched. When adding a show or season, each episode will be added using its original air date.

If these quick options don’t work for you, choose other date and specify the exact date and time you watched the item. When adding a show or season, every episode will be added using your specified date and time.

Note: If you prefer to see this question each time on a normal click, you can change the default action from your settings.

Watched stats and progress.

As you add items to your watched history, the buttons will dynamically update to give you stats and progress info. When viewing an episode or movie summary page, you’ll see the play count and the most recent date and time you watched the item. The view all link displays a full history of every time you watched the episode or movie.

Episode and movie stats.

Shows and seasons provide progress info including the percentage watched, episodes watched, and episodes remaining. The view plays link displays a full history of every time you watched the show or season.

Show and season progress.

Tooltip in grid view.

Your watched history.

All of your watched TV shows and movies are added to your personal watched history page. Choose the type (all, movies, shows, or episodes), sort the results, toggle date dividers, apply filters, and get stats on what you’ve watched. You can even get iCal, RSS, and CSV feeds for any history page.

Adding additional plays.

If you’ve already watched an item, you can still add additional plays, in the past or present. Just click the clock icon and you’ll see the familiar When did you watch this? menu. Choose the appropriate option and the additional play will be added.

Note: The 2nd line in the button displays the most recent time you watched an item (for episodes and movies). Adding a past play will increment the play count, but will continue displaying the most recent date and time.

Click the clock icon to add additional plays.

Removing plays.

Sometimes you need to remove plays from your watched history and that’s easy to do. Click a watched check mark again and you’ll get a prompt confirming you want to remove all plays for that item. Remove individual plays from your history page. Just click the check mark and there will be an option to only remove the single play.

Enable quick icons.

By default, you’ll be asked When did you watch this?, but you might not want to answer that each time. You can turn on a quick mode under your global settings. This makes a single click add to your history quickly (you choose if it should use today’s date or the release date) and a long click bring up the question. Works great on mobile too with a tap or long press.

Experiment with other apps.

Storing your watched history in Trakt opens up a bunch of cool uses for your data. On the website itself, you’ll get stats and graphs based on what you’re watching. If you’re using a media center, your history will be automatically kept in sync. The apps page features a bunch of great mobile apps that sync with your data too.

When you go to a theater to watch a movie, fire up Movist and check in to what you’re watching. The app also syncs up plays from all your other connected devices. If you’re watching TV shows, use SeriesGuide or iShows to easily track where you’re at. There are apps for all the major platforms available, so try a few to find what you like best.

Support Trakt & become a VIP!

Our community is what makes Trakt so great. Supporting Trakt unlocks a bunch of cool features like Yearly and All Time Year in Reviews, no ads on the website, Dark Knight mode, VIP badges, Calendar NotificationsCustom CalendarsWidgetsAdvanced FilteringWatch Now FilteringPlex ScrobblingiCal feeds, RSS feeds, and CSV feeds. It also helps us cover server costs to keep everything up and running.

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