How to Use the Calendars

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Trakt offers many calendars so you can keep track of what TV shows and movies are coming up. Personalize the calendars to look how you want and optimize the layout based on your devices.

What calendars are available?

There are several global calendars available for all TV Shows, premieres (episode 1 for any season), new shows (episode 1 for season 1), all movies, and DVD & Blu-ray. If you’re a VIP, you also get iCal and RSS feeds for the premieres, new shows, and DVD & Blu-ray calendars.

When you’re logged in, you also get 5 more calendars which are the same as above, but specifically for your own movies and TV shows. Your personal calendars use a combination of anything you’ve watched, collected, or added to your watchlist. VIP members also get iCal and RSS feeds for all 5 of these personal calendars, any custom calendars and any saved advanced filters.

What layouts are available?

Every user has a different way they use the calendars, so we offer lots of options to customize how it looks. You can customize your calendar in your Trakt settings.

First up, you can choose to view one week or one month at a time. The week view is 7 days long and the month is based on whatever month you’re viewing.

The start day will influence what day your calendar starts with. If you choose today, yesterday, 2 days ago, or 3 days ago — those will dynamically shift the calendar so you can see a rolling window of what’s on. You can also choose a specific day to lock the calendar in more exact increments.

The layout can be a list or grid view. The list view grows down the page with each day getting a new section. The grid is 7 days across like a more traditional calendar would look. Note that the grid view will adjust to less days per column for tablets and phones, there just isn’t enough room to effectively have the full days on smaller screens.

The image artwork type is where you can really get creative. We get lots of awesome artwork from TMDB, TVDB, and which allows you to customize what you’d like to see on the calendars. Choose from screenshot, fanart, logo, thumb, banner, poster, or no image (text only).

Grid + Poster

Grid + Text Only

List + Thumb

Hide the side navigation.

VIP members can toggle the side navigation on all Calendar sections by clicking the ◀ icon to the left of the title, or h on your keyboard. This also works in the TV, Movies, Search, and Discover sections.

Advanced filtering options.

VIP members also get advanced filtering on all personal and global calendars. Click the advanced icon and the filters will slide into view. You can apply filters for genres, certifications, languages, countries, networks, runtime, and ratings. Even cooler, these filters will apply to the iCal feeds too! Read more.

Advanced filtering options.

Calendar notifications.

Trakt VIP members can receive daily and weekly calendar notifications on the day and time you want. Enable these emails in your notification settings and never miss another TV show or movie you want to watch.

Weekly calendar notification email.

Custom calendars.

VIP members can create custom calendars. When viewing any list, click the Subscribe button in the top right. You’ll be redirected to your new custom calendar and a new item will be added to the sidebar of your calendar section. You can also subscribe from any list overview page by clicking the icon to the right of the list name.

All your custom calendars will be displayed in the sidebar for quick access. You can view the original list by clicking the user avatar or the link in the description in the top left of the page. Remove any subscription by hovering over the title and clicking the ⦻ icon to the left. Read more.


With so many combinations, you should experiment to see what looks the best on your device. Some of the grid views are too squished on small monitors, but would look awesome on a 27". Other list views might look huge on a 27" but fit great on a 13" laptop.

Tablets and phones will adjust to fit the content on the screen better. For example, the Grid view will actually reduce to show 2 days per row on a phone, which still makes it look great with the artwork. (FYI, the screenshots above are from a Retina 13" Macbook Pro in fullscreen mode.)

What other options are available?

You can hide special episodes from appearing on the calendar if you’d like. Depending on what TV shows you watch, this might help clean up your calendar.

Let us know what your favorite view is.

We’re always looking for feedback on how you use the calendars and what layout works best on your devices.

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