How do I Share on Social Networks?

Modified on Thu, 15 Jul 2021 at 01:41 AM

Trakt supports automatic sharing to Twitter, Tumblr, and Medium. Share when you start watching, finish watching, rate, comment, or add to your watchlist.

Note: As of August 1, 2018 Facebook has disabled automatic sharing to your timeline.  Unfortunately, we've had to remove this functionality from Trakt.  If Facebook decides to allow timeline sharing again, we'll add it back.

Connect your social networks.

All of your social networks can be connected in the Sharing settings. Clicking the connect button for any network will redirect to their website where you’ll sign in, grant access to Trakt, then be redirected back to your settings page.

Configure what to share.

There are separate sharing settings for TV shows, seasons, episodes, movies, and lists. There will be a column on the right for each connected social network. Go through each setting and enable it for the social networks you’d like to share to.

Tip: Click the channel icon to quickly toggle all the boxes for that section.

Under the checkboxes, there is a section to localize the text when sharing to Twitter and Tumblr. Make sure to keep the [item] text, but it’s otherwise fully customizable. Click Save Settings when you’re done.

Share your check ins.

When you check in from the website, you can toggle the social networks you’d like to share to. Your custom message will be sent along with and link and image for what you’re watching.

Hello, friend.

Shared on Twitter.

Share your comments.

When you comment from the website, you can toggle the social networks you’d like to share to. Your comment will be sent along with the link and image. If you have rated the item, that will be sent along too. Sharing is tailored for each social network, but in general they use the same information.

Comment from the website.

Shared on Medium.

Share from media centers and mobile apps.

Your settings will carry over to other apps too. For example, check in from Movist and it will share to all your connected networks you have enabled to share check ins. Scrobble from Plex and have it share to any social networks with scrobble sharing enabled.

Some apps will give you more control on how to share too. Rather than use your Trakt sharing defaults, they might allow you to toggle sharing in app.

Future sharing.

We’re always looking to expand the sharing features. If you have a suggestion or social network we might want to use, drop us a note in support.

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