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I am groot - changed from series to movies, how to get it off my watchlist

So I am a Marvel fan and I had the new mini series/movie I am Groot in my watchlist, they came out, but now the series is non existent, like I can't open it or get it off my watchlist, I marked the movies as seen already but it's annoying to just stay in watchlist even tho I marked the movies, I can't mark it as watched as a show and I can't unmark the watchlist button, what do I do? * Sorry if I made any mistakes, english is not my first language.*
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We updated the Trakt data to reflect that I Am Groot isn't a series, but separate short movies, so it shouldn't be appearing as a series anymore. If you reset your browser data in the advanced tab of your settings: it should clear it out. If it doesn't, feel free to reply here or open a ticket and we can help you out further. 

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