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Lifetime Pass to Plex Scrobbler

My problem is that I want to use the Plex Scrobbler, and I'm willing to pay, but I hate subscriptions. This is why I purchased the lifetime Plex Pass a while back.

When I discovered Trakt had an integration option, I was hoping that there would be a similar lifetime option so I'm not stuck with another subscription.

Unfortunately this is not offered, and I was wondering if it could be. If this is not possible, would an option to (one-time) purchase the Plex Scrobbler feature by itself be possible?

The other VIP features could stay in the subscription.


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+1. I think I've emailed them about this before, and was about to do it again right now after talking to my friend about subscription fees. I would pay $100 for a lifetime VIP membership, but don't really have interest in $30/year and therefore don't take full advantage of the platform.

plex scrobbler was running fine for free for years, now they have removed that functionality from the free version, this is very frustrating as I already have a plex pass
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