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Account locked

I use the tv show tracker on my Samsung Phone. Since this morning my account is locked by trakt. Go to the push tells me. Can someine please tell me what to do.... I just want to use the app as i use to do

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See push

i just got locked out as well I have no idea on what to do

This the first time this has happened

still no respons or anything from trakt. Made 2 tickets but no awnser at all

My first time also

My account is locked out on one device how do I get my Trakt to open.

When locked out the only way to see and edit your Movies or TV shows is to log into the website all other 3rd parties apps that your account is on will be locked out. You can export your watchlist  on the Trakt website to a .csv file however in order to do that you need to sign up (with a monthly fee) for the Trakt VIP club. Also the other 3rd parties apps need to support .csv imports.

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