No Spoilers - How do I hide spoiler comments?

Modified on Sat, May 21, 2022 at 1:18 PM

A spoiler is a remark or piece of information which reveals important plot elements for a movie or TV show. When posting comments, it is a requirement to correctly indicate if your shout or review contains spoilers so we don't spoil the item for a member who hasn't watched it yet. Some examples of spoilers include discussing the ending of a movie or talking about a character who dies in a TV show. Correctly indicating spoilers is good for the Trakt community.

Nobody likes spoilers and now we’ve made it easier to avoid them when browsing around Trakt. Once enabled in your settings, unwatched episodes, shows, and movies can have blurred out titles, descriptions, ratings, and comments throughout the site. Unwatched episodes also replace the screenshot with the show level fanart.

Where are spoilers hidden?

Potential spoilers will be hidden throughout the site for any unwatched items. On your dashboard, this applies to the on deck, upcoming schedule and network sections. Calendars and Search remove spoilers in all the relevant sections. User profiles will hide spoilers too, which is useful when viewing your progress or another user’s profile.

If you hide ratings, the percentage will be blurred out everywhere on the website for items you haven’t watched yet. If you hide comments, the text is blurred for items you haven’t watched yet. Both of these more global spoiler settings can be useful to not influence your decision in what to watch next.


Episode titles and ratings blurred out.

Watched Progress

Episode titles and ratings blurred out, screenshot replaced on the next episode to watch.

Season Listing

Episode title, overview, and ratings blurred out, screenshot replaced.

Comment spoilers.

When posting comments, it's a requirement that you indicate the entire post is a spoiler or wrap only the spoiler text with [spoiler][/spoiler] tags. Unwatched items will blur out the text. If you’ve watched the item, it will still be indicated as a spoiler, but will be visible since you’ve already seen it.  

Some examples of spoilers in comments include discussing the ending of a movie or talking about a character who dies in a TV show. Correctly indicating spoilers is good for the Trakt community.

Turn on the spoiler alert when posting new comments.

Blurred comment for an unwatched movie.

Actor Spoilers.

When viewing any show or person page, it displays the number of episodes they’ve appeared in. This can be considered a spoiler (i.e. that character is only in season 1) so you can hide the episode count.

By default, it displays the episode count.

You can hide the episode count if you’d like.

Reveal spoilers.

For any blurred out spoiler text, just click on the text to reveal it. This applies to any title, overview, or comment that has been blurred out.

Enable in your settings.

Hide episode, show, movie, comment, rating and actor spoilers by turning it on in your settings. For episodes you have more precise control to hide or blur only the elements you don’t want spoiled.

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