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How create true TV episode list from Trakt search results

Hi - I'm new to trakt, forgive my ignorance. 

I want to create a list of TV episodes for Warren Oates. I run a search for People, enter Warren Oates, click on his picture, and am presented with a list of every TV show he's been in (according to Trakt) under Credits.

I then click on the option to ADD TO LIST and something is saved. I thought what was being saved was the list of TV episodes found, but in fact what is saved is a People list with a single entry for Warren Oates. I then have to click that in order to bring up the list of TV episodes.

That's not a big deal, except it prohibits me from running automation (Plex Meta Manager) against the list, since no list of TV episodes is actually presented.

Is there some step I'm missing? Seems strange to be able to build a search list but not be able to save the results to a list.


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