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Mark multiple Episodes as watched quickly

Hi, still very new here so I may just be overlooking something. Hopefully I'm posting in the correct forum as well.

I am working on consolidating my watch history from many services I've used over the years into Trakt. Depending on the service, I have been able to import from csv, but there are plenty that I have to enter manually as well due to the lack of an associated ID.

What I'm finding is it's very arduous to enter details when a show is partially watched. It takes entering into nested menus, and then I see no way to enter "watched up to here", something similar. Am I missing an easier way to do this?

In case I'm not explaining myself clearly, I mean something like this in simkl to mark episodes watched.


If not something like this, am I still missing an easier way than to scroll through and mark each individual episodes within a season? I'm aware you can mark entire season in a click, but even there I see no way to watch "up to here". So if a shows has say twenty seasons, you either have to mark each one, or mark entire show and subtract unwatched seasons.

Thanks for any help. I have an extensive watch list I have to enter manually, so anything to speed that up at all is most welcome.


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