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See new episodes of watched show in Up Next

Hi, Apologies if this actually is answered somewhere else, I haven't found a clear answer yet. If I add a show to my watch list, then watch an episode, I know it's deleted from the watch list and it starts appearing on my Up Next - great! So if I then watch all the available episodes, the show disappears from my Up Next as well. Which is also as expected, but seems to mean that when a new episode is released say, two months later, I don't see it in either place? Am I missing something, is there a way to have new episodes/seasons of shows I'm up to date on, automatically appear in my Up Next? Otherwise how do I handle that aside from adding the show back to my watch list? I kinda just want to be able to see in Trakt when a show releases new episodes, rather than have to keep track of it elsewhere and re-add it to my watch list. Thanks!
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