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Migration from imdb to Trakt

 I imported my imdb "watched" list to  The movies that were rated on imdb were imported into the "watched" section however the movies that were not rated were put onto the default list "watchlist". So now I need to go through a thousand plus movies and click watched in order for them to be removed from that list and moved to watched. It's very slow moving.

Is there an easier way to to move all movies on "watchlist" to watched so that they are registered as watch and the default list I can now use as a place for movies/shows I plan on watching?


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Hi @nine76evil. Do you have any idea how can I update the data of this show?

It is being updated in the TMDb but Trakt doesn't refresh it. 

@raghavx sorry mate I'm pretty new to trakt for using it as anything other than rating shows. Just started checking out new features so I'm not sure how to do much else.

I created a GoLang app that syncs your watchlist, ratings, and lists between IMDb and Trakt. It works for private, as well as public profiles. It can be set up to run automatically on a specific schedule through GitHub actions or equivalent. Hopefully, it's helpful to someone:

I'm open to suggestions for features that could be useful.

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