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Trakt not highlighting current season in TV series

I use CyberFlix VIP. I got a new Fire cube and in favorites when you click on a show there is no season highlighted. You have to click about four times before any season highlights or you can see where your cursor is and then you have to change it to the season you are on. Once you get the right season selected it works with the episodes. Is there a way to fix this? I have logged in and out and synced several times. Works fine on my FireStick in other room.

Your series for this year are not up to date. There are some that you have not updated on your app like Bob Asbdola? It was on today but not on your app.

We do not watch that show and never had.  For instance we watch Blue Bloods.  We are on season 2 and it has a half highlight on the season 2 picture.  When we click on it season 12 always opens and we have to arrow back to season 2.  Once in the right season the episode tracking is correct.  This is on a new Amazon Cube.  Worked fine on previous 4K Fire Stick.

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