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Custom Poster/Background

It would be nice to have a feature where each user can choose the poster/background of the shows/movies they are currently watching from the many existing pictures on TMDB/TVDB instead of having one default poster for all and random background on the movie/show page.

It would give each profile a more personal touch.

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This is actually already possible as a Trakt VIP feature.

Hi, I am a VIP user, but I don't see the option anywhere or in the page you linked (listing VIP features). But just as I was thinking maybe it has been removed I saw it quickly appear then disappear when I loaded a show's page, then when I checked the mobile site on my phone I saw it but greyed out with a lock. Since I already am a VIP how can I do that? It's bothering me because I really don't like the poster used for my favorite show and I want to change it.

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