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Rewatch a TV show, have it show in "Up Next", without losing watch history?

I'm not sure if this is addressed by the VIP feature, but I'm not VIP (considering it) and I'm wondering.

I do a lot of TV rewatching, and I like to keep track of the history of that.

I don't want to reset a TV show and loose my history, but I want the show to appear in the Up Next section so it's easy to track the next episode. For example, I'm currently rewatching Battlestar Galactica for the first time since release. I don't want to lose my original watch dates by marking the series as unwatched. But BSG is not showing up in the Up Next section, so I have to use the recently watched section to find the last episode I watched so I can move to the next.

Does the rewatch VIP feature solve this for me? Or will I still have to mark a show as unwatched and delete all the history?

Thanks for your help explaining!

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That's exactly what the feature does indeed!

It makes it seem as if there's zero progress, so you can start over, but you still have all your history/watches in reality. Like it's fooling the progress/up next systems! :)

Here's two examples:


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Oh awesome! Thanks so much for the screenshot too. This definitely pushes me toward VIP. Thanks for the quick explanation :D

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