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Reformat Progress Page Order by Upcoming Episodes

The Progress Page when sorted by 'Recently Aired' presently displays content in this order from top to bottom as seen [in this link] and in the attached file:

  1. Unwatched (Up Next) Section: latest episode → earliest episode
  2. Upcoming (w/ Air Dates) Section: farthest episode from airing → next upcoming episode to air
  3. 'Ended' & 'Check back next season!': No discernable order
This order creates 2  issues in terms of clarity. The first issue applies towards Section 2, or Upcoming (w/ Air Dates): This section's order should be inverted. Because when we're sorting by "Recently aired" and get past the Unwatched section, the first thing we want to see is the next upcoming episode to air, not the most future distant one. Logically, the one that might be minutes away from airing should be displayed closest to what has already aired. Because while it hasn't aired recently, it will air most recently, certainly more recently than the shows that follow and are often still months away. I imagine most people, like myself, don't like passing their unwatched episodes and then scrolling all the way past the episodes that are to air way in the distant future just to reach the episodes that could be airing today / this week, and then scrolling back up the list to see what's upcoming in the practical order. Please invert the order of this section for the sake of sensibility.

The second issue this creates is in section 3, as this should be split and ordered in 2 sections (i.e. sections 3 & 4). Section 3 should exclusively be "Check back next season!" shows, which should be followed by Section 4 of exclusively "Ended" shows. These categories being mixed into one is confusing and it would bring a lot of clarity if you knew that every show after the last "Check back next season!" show has been marked "Ended." Please order these sections separately.

The Progress page sorted by "Recently Aired" is the main function of for someone like me. The whole reason I started using this site is 1. to see what I need to catch up on, 2. to see what's coming up next in order, 3. to see what shows are returning, and 4. to see what shows have ended, and in precisely that order. I have had this page bookmarked on all of my devices for the past 6+ years as I truly appreciate the service and sing its praises. But not a single time do I ever look at my Progress page and don't get bothered by its order, and more so, how easily it could be fixed if maybe I just said something. So after 6+ years of seeing these problems, I'm hoping to finally end my discomfort with the Progress page order by taking it upon myself to ask that you please, please fix it. Thank you.

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