How do I add a missing TV show?

We use a combination of TMDB and TVDB for TV show information. TMDB is used for the top level show info like title, year, genres, country, and actors. It is also used for high quality posters, fanart, and episode screenshots. TVDB is used for all season and episode ordering and as a fall back for info missing on TMDB.

Note: As of May 2020, we have the ability to force a TV show to use TMDB for the season and episode ordering. If you find a show that would benefit from using TMDB for all data, please open a support ticket and include the Trakt website link along with info on why TMDB data would be better.

  1. Make sure the TV show exists on TMDB and TVDB with English information filled out.
  2. On TMDB, make sure the correct TVDB ID is entered in the external IDs section. This is important so we can import season and episode info from TVDB.
  3. On the website, click the Import TV Show link in the footer.
  4. Type in the TVDB ID and click the Import button.
If you get a 404 error, that could mean a few things.
  • There is no English translation.
  • TMDB has a blank or invalid TVDB ID in the external IDs section.
  • The TV show is a duplicate (usually indicated in the title) at TVDB.

Behind the scenes, here is what we do during a TV show import.
  1. All main English TV info is imported from TMDB. Any title aliases or translations are stored and used in searching.
  2. The highest rated poster and fanart are also imported from TMDB. 1080p (or larger) is preferred for fanart and we'll only use 720p if nothing better is available. If no image exists on TMDB, we import from TVDB with the same 1080p preference.
  3. All English season and episode info is imported from TVDB.
  4. The highest rated season posters are imported from TMDB. If no season poster exists, we import from TVDB.
  5. The highest rated episode screenshots are imported from TMDB since they support 1080p+ resolutions. If no screenshot exists on TMDB, we import from TVDB.
  6. Supporting TV show images such as logo, banner, thumb are imported from If the no banner exists, we import from TVDB.
Note: Some TV shows have locked poster and fanart (indicated on the left sidebar). This means we have specifically set those images and they won't be auto updated with a refresh.

Note: If a TV show uses TMDB as the primary data source, the above steps won't include the TVDB fallback data. The behind the scenes steps are otherwise the same.

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