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  1. IFTTT playback status and scrobble triggers

    I would really like to IFTTT triggers such as:

    - Movie playback started
    - Movie playback paused
    - Movie playback resumed
    - Movie playback finished
    - Movie scrobbled
    - TV ep playback started
    - TV ep playback paused
    - TV ep playback resumed
    - TV ep playback finished
    - TV ep scrobbled

    These could be used for all sorts of things such as triggering Hue lights to dim/turn off/turn on etc. during movie playback. Or adding the name of movies I watched together with the date I watched them to a Google spreadsheet.

    Any chance this might happen?

    I know…

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    I love the idea, but its going to take IFTTT wanting to do a deeper integration with Trakt. I’ve reached out a few times before, but maybe if users also message them it will get more traction.

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