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Official Trakt App

It would be great to have an official Trakt app to mark shows watched and view upcoming schedules

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    aaw1083 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • K commented  · 

        When will this app start working again on my iphone?

      • lesilva00 commented  · 

        I can help you making translate to PT-BR

      • rakers8 commented  · 

        "Movist" for iPhone seems to be getting decent, recent reviews. Can anyone confirm good usability? I'm currently using checktrakt and it's simply "ok" at the moment. It's missing features but the dev seems to be working on it at a decent pace.

      • Michaël Kon commented  · 

        Would love to see an official app that just works, for movies and tv shows. All the apps that are out there either only sync tv shows and no movies or do both but just don't seem to work right or have all the features the site has.

      • Roberta commented  · 

        If the idea goes on... you can count on me to translate the app to PT-br :)

      • iGiorgis commented  · 

        An OFFICIAL Trakt app for iPhone and Adroid not only to mark shows watched BUT Checkins and NOTIFICATIONS too!

      • anscarlett commented  · 

        I am honestly shocked there isn't one already! All platforms need this.

      • XenoUkrainian commented  · 

        +1 for Android -sent from iPad :P but seriously though, +1 for Android

      • fnkr commented  · 

        +1 for Android

      • Rob Nijhof commented  · 

        And please write one for Windows Phone as well please! :)

      • Habib commented  · 

        I would very much love to see this happen and happily pay ten bucks for it. I currently use 60hz app on iOS, great app but hasn't been updated since April 2014.

      • Garfield commented  · 

        That would be great. We have a lot of apps in the store that are using the trakt API bon none of them is perfect. Since trakt v2 the most of this app are not working anymore!

        and the mobile webiste is REALLY bad to use on iPhone 6 Plus, it always crashes, reloads again, sometimes no pictures ant it's very slow!

      • Jo commented  · 

        Hey bro, what happens now with all those apps and trakt v2.0?

      • West commented  · 

        For Android too ;)

      • itsxluigi commented  · 

        Do any of the apps follow the websites "hidden season" feature? That's my main problem. Shows like Survivor, I don't plan on watching all 29 seasons, ever. So I hide the ones I know I won't go back to and it gets rid of it from my "progress". None of the apps recognize this, and all say I need to go watch these episodes.

      • danbo99 commented  · 

        Well I use an iPhone and would love an official Trakt App. Not one of the apps do everything I need, each seems to do one part well. I've tried and purchased them all, and some are good but they don't fit all my needs.

      • sven.salemans commented  · 

        I think everyone who says an own app isn't needed, is using an iPhone. On Android, SeriesGuide is the closest to a decent Trakt app and that's only really good for series, not movies. Even for series, SeriesGuide misses A LOT of features..

      • strangekitty commented  · 

        Traktato for iOS has been my lifesaver for a long time, perfect for one-tap marking episodes and movies as seen. uTrakt for detailed managing.

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