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Seen date should be “Uncertain”. Different from the added as seen to trakt date.

There is a lot of movies I know I have watched in the past but I don't know the date. For that I should mark as “Seen” but that adds the movie as “Seen” to the actual date on the movies page, History, Library and Main page. I think that should be improved.
When you added the option to manually select a date for “previously watched” things, it adds the movie as “seen” to that date. Great. But marking something as “seen” just now, adds the movie as “seen” to today’s date. That’s not good (for that we have “check in”, or “watched previously” at an earlier hour of the day”) .
Seen date should be separated from the added as seen to trakt date.

1- Seen date, when clicking on the button “seen” should always be “uncertain” OR “Unsure”.

2- It should show at the “+ view details”:
Seen Date: “uncertain” OR “Unsure”. Added to trakt: *Actual date*.

3- Put an "uncertain" (as a date) category at the bottom of the "History" page for “Movies” or “TV Series”, not in “All” category so in that you can see the whole activity (date of things added to trakt, not the date of things watched). Or create a new category “Activity” to show the trakt history, not your watched History. They should be different.

I know the “Seen” category used to assume it was an uncertain thing before, but since it was improved to allow us to mark something as seen in the past at a specific timestamp, the way things are now just messes up the library and your watched history.

Right now I check things as previously watched and put the date I watched it as my birthday (it's an impossible date, so I know I watched it but I couldn't remember when), It’s not ideal but it’s better than marking things as seen and messing up the History (dates) of movies I watched.

Also, my History page goes no further than 2008 for some reason, but I think I should create another suggestion/bug for that.

And finally, I'm sorry for the double post. I tried to create the suggestion from the UserVoice thing, but it didn't give me the option to describe it, so I had too post again.

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  • rbs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Justin, you closed this request probably without looking. No it's not possible yet...

    I know you said it is not a planned feature to add unknown date for now, but it is still a feature I'm (and others) very much looking forward too. Hope one day it will be implemented (sooner than later would be great). But this topic was NOT about specifying a time stamp (that was a feature that already existed when I made this topic).

    Please reopen it, if possible.

  • fms commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Could one of the founders please give us an update on this?

    I am actually awaiting to add everything to my history until this is implemented. One of my primary interests in sites like 'trakt' is the 'Diary/History' function. I don't want to add something to my history and then have the date as the day I added it rather than watched it.

    I agree the "Seen" button now has little relevance. I have no interest at all in knowing the date/time I add something to trakt at all; it's the date/time you've watched an episode that counts.

    What I'd like to happen is, have the "Seen" button add episodes/seasons/series to our history without a given date or time. (If need be, indeed mark the time/date as "Unknown".)

    Two other suggestions that tie in with this:

    - It would be nice if you could separate date and time: allow people to add an episode via "Check In" - "Watched Previously" and check the date but allow the time to be "Unknown".

    - Perhaps it would also be a good idea to allow editing the date/time after adding an episode?

  • rbs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Anonymous I'm glad someone got interested on this. I think my description was a little confusing, but it's a core function on the site that is messed up.

    To sum it up, the "seen" button right now has no purpose or use.

    If I want to mark a movie I watched previously today or in the past that I know the timestamp I would use the option “watched previously” that is inside "Check in" (and I really think it should be moved to be inside "seen" button, not check in).
    If I want to mark something I'm just starting to watch I would use the "check in" button or scrobble from wherever app I'm using.
    I have no option to add a movie I don't know the date of when I watched it. I can't mark anything as "seen" because it will add that movie to today's date, not at a general or uncertain date.

    Trakt is being so slowly updated nowadays. It's been several months since nothing was changed in the site change log (six months to be exact . This should be a priority and should be cleared up. It's not a suggestion for a new feature, it's a fix for how messed the system is now. I hope the developers haven't simply abandoned it or given up on improvements.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree! Right now there's tons of things I want to mark as 'watched', but I don't want it to mess with my 'watched history' or anything, so a general watched/unwatched button would be awesome. Love this idea, I'm honestly surprised that this doesn't have more votes.

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