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Mark show as abandoned (or dropped) when you intentionally stop watching.

Mark show as abandoned (or dropped) when you intentionally stop watching.

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    musictvlifemusictvlife shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
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    Researching  ·  Justin NemethAdminJustin Nemeth (Founder, trakt) responded  · 

    Currently, you can hide a show from you calendar or progress page. Hiding from watched progress also hides it from your dashboard on deck. Hiding in those 2 places should work for most users.

    This topic proposes a “dropped” status for a show. This would hide from the 3 sections mentioned above + add a “dropped” indicator in places such as the show summary page.


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      • Justin NemethAdminJustin Nemeth (Founder, trakt) commented  · 

        To recap my previous replies, you can hide shows by clicking the Ø icon when viewing your dashboard up next, progress page, or calendar. There is no need to unwatch the items. You can unhide from if needed too.

      • JackJack commented  · 

        I was able to get things off my progress by searching for the show, clicking the "Watched History" purple check mark, then selecting "Remove All".

      • ZapataZapata commented  · 

        I also think this is a great idea. It would help clean up my "progress" in exodus kodi. I have more than a few duds I'd like to get rid of.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes, absolutely. Maybe not drop it off the radar completely but get it out of the 'must watch' list.

      • movieaddctmovieaddct commented  · 

        this is what hannah posted: and its perfect for what i want!
        This is exactly what I've been looking for. The option to specify that I have seen however many episodes of a show, but chose to not continue watching it. For example, watching the pilot but not liking it enough to go any further (while still being marked down so I don't forget about it and try to watch the show again later).

        Or, as a better example: watching several seasons of a show and deciding that it has gone downhill and no longer having any desire to see the remaining episodes. Trakt continually reminds you that you still have X number of episodes to watch even when I don't want to watch them, I'd like to be able to mark them down as "crap I have no interest in any more so please stop showing them to me".

        so plz add this dropped abandoned idea in this way would be great

      • kveezy23kveezy23 commented  · 

        It'd be nice to have for a personal record. For instance, if I come across a show I dropped some time in the future, I can look and see that I dropped it instead of wondering why I didn't finish it and avoid wasting my time and interest.

      • manoconnormanoconnor commented  · 

        The interesting part of this idea is not the ability to hide the show from your "watched progress", but the stats of how many people have abandoned a show.

        I think that a nice implementation of this idea could be to have a special list "Abandoned" in which I can insert the shows I've abandoned.

        (Sorry for my bad English)

      • brewforbrainsbrewforbrains commented  · 

        i think it would be interesting to see this and the stats where other users decided to abandon a show

      • tvtimerstvtimers commented  · 

        This feature seems to be an "opt out" approach where you selectively remove shows you don't want to show up on deck.

        What would be easier for me is to have an "opt in" approach in which only collected series show up on deck.

        Any chance that this is already possible and I just can't find the appropriate settings?

      • lonelyfairielonelyfairie commented  · 

        It would be great if we had this, one because it could be helpful as someone said to "send a message" to show producers about dropped shows, second because of external apps that use our trakt account (e.g DuckieTV) etc and also so those shows are taken out of consideration for recommendations, sometimes you watched the first 3 episodes of a show and it sucked so I don't want to have related recommendations for it.

      • VickyVicky commented  · 

        Thank you. I'll look into this.

      • Justin NemethAdminJustin Nemeth (Founder, trakt) commented  · 

        @Vicky we expose the hidden items for apps and plugins to use, but it sounds like whichever you are using might not use that data to hide within their app. I would recommend sending a feature request to the app developer.

      • VickyVicky commented  · 

        I use Trakt to sync two kodi devices and want to remove tv shows from my Trakt library once watched, or remove tv shows I've added in error. Each time I remove them from my collection or watch list they are still appearing in my Trakt library on my devices.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Neat, I was wondering why I couldn't find this options for months, now I know :) Please add.

      • MattMatt commented  · 

        I hide some serie from my "on desk" and i still show it in my "upcoming schedule"... :(
        Mark show as abandoned will be a very nice feature !

      • J. J. ColeJ. J. Cole commented  · 

        It would definitely be great to be able to see on a show page how many users started watching it and gave up.

      • Gabriel AmorimGabriel Amorim commented  · 

        I think only hide isn't enough. Many times this function doesn't work properly, plus, it will be great send a directly massage to anyone interested (watchers or producers): I watch all that episodes and I think this material does not deserve my audience anymore. That will be an efficient way to say how bad this show are or became

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