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TV Series Page: Adding entire season or series to collection by release date doesn't trigger local cache

Title kind of says it.

Viewing either an entire TV series page, or a page for a single season, and none of the season or series is in my collection, I click the icon on the right of the 'ADD TO COLLECTION' button with the clock and the +, then select 'Release Date'
(Add entire season/series by release date to my collection)

I expect:
The green button to turn full-green, temporarily saying 'ADD TO COLLECTION' and 'just now', whilst at the same time a black bar shows at the bottom of the screen saying 'CACHING YOUR DATA'.
When the black bar disappears, I expect the green button to update, showing quantity of episodes collected.

But instead:
The black caching bar never appears, the green button is left saying 'ADD TO COLLECTION' and 'just now'
No individual episodes show as collected if I scroll down to where they show or navigate to their pages.

The UI is now in an inconsistent state; you cannot bulk-remove collected episodes nor re-bulk-add them. The only way to force the cache to re-trigger is to go to a single episode in the series and click it's green 'collect' icon, which then triggers the 'CACHING' black bar, and all episodes suddenly appear collected except the one I just clicked.

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    This can occur in the same manner with the 'ADD TO HISTORY' button.
    In that case, you can keep adding to history multiple times as the UI allows this, whereas it does not allow multiple collections

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