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Improve the way the "reset progress" works

I like to re-binge-watch shows from time to time, and the "reset progress" function is great to keep track. However, it could be slightly improved.

I just finished rewatching a show, and was surprised to see that episode 1x01 is back on my "Up next to watch" dashboard section. Also my progress page lists the show as 96% completed, not 100%.

What probably happened is that I marked the first episode as watched, and a couple of minutes later, used the "reset progress" option. Yup, my fault, I should have first reset the progress, and then mark the first episode as watched. Easy to fix too, just edit the watched date to a few minutes later.

Still... the system could be more tolerant to this kind of mistake. Why keep track of what I've rewatched since the moment I hit the "reset" button? Instead of, say... the same day? It would be as easy as to substract 1 on the query.

Another option would be to offer the users to reset their progress. So I'm a VIP user, I have already watched some episodes of a show, and I just marked the first episode as "watched right now"? Show a popup asking "Hey, are you rewatching this show? Would you like to reset your progress?". Maybe with an option to enable it from user settings, and disabled by default so it doesn't annoy anybody.

Lastly: everything on the site can be edited or deleted: ratings, watched dates, collected items, lists... everything except the "rewatching" status. An option to "un-reset progress" would be nice, especially in case anybody resets something by mistake. I can't believe such an option doesn't exist yet, maybe it does and I just can't find it?

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  • AJ Pérez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow, that was a fast answer :)

    Thanks. I didn't notice I could choose the "reset time". That works for me!

    Also, good to be able to restore the reset items. I spent a while looking for the option, I even opened the "hidden items" page... just didn't scroll all they way down. It's pretty hidden :)

  • AdminJustin Nemeth (CEO / Founder, trakt) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the great feedback!

    On your last point, you can undo the reset at along with all the other types of hidden items (calendar, progress in general, etc).

    When resetting the progress, there is also the option of choosing the specific date when you started rewatching it. Not exactly what you proposed, but you could choose the date and then 00:00 as the time to effectively start at the beginning of the day.

    That idea about asking if they are rewatching the show is an interesting one. I'll think about that more since we'd also need a way to do that if data is automatically coming in from a media center for example.

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