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Condense Activities @Dashboard

The default view for the dashboard can get rather spamy. It would be great if this could be more condensed.

Example of things that could be shortend:

Watching something and rating it:
XYZ rated Stand Up Guys (2013) [4/10] Thu 11:11
XYZ checked in to Stand Up Guys (2013) Thu 11:10
-> attaching it to the check-in/watched line

Watching multiple episodes:
ZYY watched Jormungand 1x12 "Hill of Destruction Phase.2" Thu 10:32
ZYY watched Jormungand 1x11 "Hill of Destruction Phase.1" Thu 10:06
ZYY watched Jormungand 1x10 "Dragon Shooter Phase.2" Thu 9:42
ZYY watched Jormungand 1x09 "Dragon Shooter Phase.1" Thu 9:16
-> Give an episode count of it (watched Jormungand 1x12 "Hill of Destruction Phase.2" and 3 others.)

Adding elements to the Watchlist/Lists (this one can be evil :)):
XZX added 1 (2013) to List XY Tue 14:32
XZX added 2 (2011) to List XY Tue 14:30
XZX added 3 (2012) to List XY Tue 14:26
XZX added 4 (2012) to List XY Tue 14:25
XZX added 5 (2013) to List XY Tue 14:24
XZX added 6 (2013) to List XY Tue 14:23
-> Same as the episode; added 1 (2013) and 5 others to List XY

the additional episodes etc. should be viewable in a tooltip or be expandable.

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