How can we improve Trakt?

Improve PWA

I'm an Android user and I've often searched for native apps that integrate with Trakt but I always end up returning to the Trakt website itself because it offers more features, is more robust & also is quite quick.

For a better integration into the OS I always add the website to my homescreen to have the Chrome bar removed and have a separate entry in the Recents with the Trakt icon.

Now over the last few years/months Google has improved upon this simple add to home screen feature and offered "deeper" integration.

For example PWAs can show up in the app drawer (not just as a shortcut on the home screen).
PWAs get an own "App info" screen where we can manage notifications, permissions, storage among other settings.

A good example of this would be the Twitter's PWA.

Also the current Trakt web app shows a small Chrome icon in a corner which those other web app don't anymore.

I'm not exactly sure how these features can be activated but it should be fairly simple.

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  • Felix Schröter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I just noticed that I already created a suggestion ("Web App / Offline Support") which includes some of my proposals here.
    Mostly regarding the use of a service worker for caching & notifications.

    So, I guess this suggestion here should focus more on the initial PWA / "add to home screen" optimizations.

  • Felix Schröter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've just had a look at your service worker on
    and it seems it basically does nothing:
    "console.log('I am a Service Worker!');"
    :D :D

    So, here are some other areas where you could improve your web app:

    - add (pre)caching to your service worker
    - it seems you (partially) use server-side scripting, not sure if/how well you can cache anything with this architecture (see idea below)
    - add push notifications

    some more technical ideas:
    - move to an SPA w/ app shell architecture
    - w/ more strict differentiation between frontend & backend (this would help caching)

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