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Estimated Date/Time When I Will Catch Up/Complete This Show At The Rate I Am Watching Episodes

I have this as VIP since this is a little more complex but it would work fine non-VIP as well.

What I was thinking was that when you pull up a show's main page, it will show an estimate of when you will ether catch up or finish watching the show.

Here is an example of the math for it to work.... at least I think it works. But it should give you a general idea of how it may function.

b = Average time between episode plays for that show.
x = Time since last played episode for that show.
r = number of remaining episodes in that show.
l = length of unwatched episodes(22 minutes, 44 minutes, etc.).
u = time till next un-aired episode date(if there is any unaired episodes).
T = Time till you are caught up/completed with the show

#1. (b+x) ÷ 2 = A

You are adding the average time between episodes to the time since the last payed episode and averaging.

#2. r(A) + r(l) = m

You are then multiplying that average time by the number of remaining episodes. Then multiplying the length of the unwatched episodes by the number of remaining episodes and adding those two numbers together to get m.

#3. If m < u then m = T

If m is a date/time sooner than the time till the next unaired episode date/time(u) then m is the Catch up/Complete date/time that is displayed.

#4. If there are no unaired episodes left then m = Time til you are caught up/completed. (m = T)

#5. If m > u then repeat #2 with r = r + # of unaired episodes m is later than.

If m is a later date/time than unaired episodes' air date/time(u) then repeat step #2 with the number of unaired episodes that m is later than being added to the number of remaining episodes(r).


I hope this makes sense, if it doesn't please ask and I will elaborate if I can.

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  • arcreactor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks, I used a bit of paper figuring out this one.

    If you change B and X to represent different values it changes the results.

    Such as you remove #1 equation and have B =A.

    It gives the outcome less weight on how long it has been since you last watched and more on the average time between watches.

    You could even remove #1 equation and have B=average time between all episode watches you have in your history.

    Giving the result more based on if you binge watch the show instead of other shows.

    You could even have a option to change it in the settings page.

    I'd better stop they already marked this as long term.

  • Kiki commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was thinking of something of the same idea. Like a page on the website where you pick a show you are trying to watch, add the date where you want to finish by. It will pull up information from your progress so it can readjust when you complete watching an episode from the TV show.

  • arcreactor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There could also be an option in your settings so you could choose if you wanted to include special episodes or not.

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