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Alexa app needs an update

I use the Alexa skill for Trakt TV, but the skill does not recognize the following utterances:
* This week, when was Emerald City on?
* Did I miss Emerald city this week?
* When is Emerald City on? (she replies with "I didn't catch the date")
* Was Emerald city on this week? (Your calendar has the following two shows on Sunday ... <neither of them is Emerald City)

The skill is obviously not cuing in on the show slot.

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Researching  ·  AdminSean (Czar, trakt) responded  · 

Hey Ron

Currently the Alexa app doesnt support this type of behavior.

All of the current utterances are based around the calendar and what’s on a certain day. In the case of movies, I have it list the entire week since there are far fewer movies than television shows on in a given week.

Eventually we’d like to move towards the behavior you are suggesting, but I’ve had really terrible results when trying to have it recognize free form slots of variable length like that. I’m currently trying to get back through the cert process with the UK english language support for the current features.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You only read someone's calendar, not the whole roster of shows in a week, right?

    I imagine you'd have to use a Lambda function or other subroutine to handle a week, but it seems you're already doing with terms like yesterday and tomorrow, right?

    I imagine something like:
    * slot: show; slot: time_frame.
    * Time_frame options: today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, last week, next week
    * if ‘this week’, process with lambda function
    * What is today = day of week => where in the week are we => date range for week
    * query: is $show [iterate weekdays] = true | false. If true, day = $date:
    * if $date > today's date: prompt = $show aired on $date
    if $date = today: prompt = $show airs today.
    if $date < today: prompt = $show will air on $date.
    If false for entire week, prompt = $show does not air this week.

    Anyway, love the site; enjoy the app.

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