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Most Watched TV Show

On the profile page, the section titled:
Is, or can be, a bit misleading. Example of what I mean:
TV Show 1 (TV1) has 150 episodes
TV Show 2 (TV2) has 20 episodes

Now, I watch TV1 in its entirety, so that is 150 watches. Now I watch TV2, all episodes, 5 times. That is 100 watches. Now, the section titled most watched... will say that TV1 is most watched. Now TV1 has the most watches, because it has the most episodes, but really TV2 is the most watched as it has been watched 5 times compared to one for TV1.

I can see both sides, almost equally. Just bringing this up so maybe it can be changed and/or added to with intention to be a bit more clear. To me viewing a profile, most watched would tend to make me think it is one of the users favorite series, since they watched it most. But the reality in this scenario it is simply the series with the most episodes.

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  • Marc Exner commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's not a big deal but I am wondering how the "Most watched TV show" is being determined.
    For example for me it shows The Big Bang Theory as my most watched TV show, but I am also watching Supernatural which has more seasons, more episodes and a longer overall runtime. So there's more of it in any possible way and still it's not my most watched show? I don't get it...

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